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Kelder Real Estate Group

Kelder Real Estate Group

From our president and our leadership team to our agents and office support, the entire Kelder Real Estate Group is home grown. We have all been raising families, gaining an education and earning a living right here in Genesee and Oakland Counties.

Prior to landing at you may have worried; is this the right time to sell our home or search for a new one? Are we sure we want to leave a house that has been our home for so many years? Is the market currently in our favor and how can we be sure this is the best decision for our family?

At Kelder Real Estate Group, every one of us has wondered the same when making determinations for our families. We get it. This is why we mean it when we say, “Getting the best value for your home.” If you’re selling, we want you receive what you know your home is worth. If you’re searching for a new home, we will help you find the home that best fits your family’s needs and ensure you receive value for your hard-earned investment.

Do you want to be sure you’re choosing the best partner for this buying or sell journey? Is working with a family owned and operated company important to you? Is it important to you that what’s best for your family is always priority one?

Us too.